Hi I’m Richard.

I have been an English teacher in Osaka, Japan since 1995. But a bit about the journey getting here will help illustrate my approach to life and English lessons.

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest in the United States. My parents are English so I am a first-generation American: American by birth but British by heritage. When small I went to school in Texas since my father worked for NASA, in Houston. When he retired we moved to Oregon, which is similar to the Japanese island of Hokkaido. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest I became quite fond of nature and outdoor life, and have been avidly fly-fishing ever since. In high school I took aviation ground school classes at a local community college and on my 16th birthday flew solo. My inspiration to fly was my uncle, an RAF pilot during WWII, and the first pilot in my family. I have a private pilot license, but since flying in Japan is expensive, my flying days are currently on hold.

Some years later, I spent a year as an exchange student in West Germany (before unification). It was during that time that I developed my wanderlust for travel and adventure. On a trip to Savoie in southeast France I learned to ski, while in Oregon I became fond of other outdoor sports like kayaking, backcountry skiing, skydiving and sailing. I have a great love for hunting dogs and have had two English Setters. While at university, I took up scuba diving and did my test dive in the cold waters of Puget Sound in Washington state. I am currently a nitrox certified rescue diver and dive whenever I get the chance. In university, I practised judo, another of my many interests of Japan. After university I moved to Seattle, Washington, where I continued offshore sailing. Once I began tutoring Japanese ESL students in Seattle at the University of Washington, it was only natural that my wanderlust would eventually bring me to Japan.

I truly enjoy teaching English. One of the joys is the school holidays, when I try to travel as much as possible. So far I have been to 48 countries, with plenty more to see and experience. It's no accident, then, that my greatest love is adventure travel. Experience some of my travels yourself by clicking on the photo link above.

Enjoy the trip!

Me & distant relative ? Dendara, Egypt

Wellington on  point

In the Sinai, Egypt

Sam and me

Catching charr in Mongolia

Fly-fishing in Idaho

Kayaking pals in Idaho

Solo flight

Flying in Yap

Sailing friends

Running up the mast

Back-country skiing in Oregon

Ippon !

Diving  the Yucatan

Skydiving in Oregon

With Olympic Judo gold-medalist, Yawara-chan, in Kobe

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